The Insurance Disconnect: Bringing Teams and Customers Closer Together

Earlier this year, INSTANDA surveyed 500 UK-based senior Insurance and Reinsurance leaders in IT, Marketing, Strategy, Distribution, and Product Innovation on the ability of their systems to understand how capable they are in meeting their intended purpose, their legacy investment intentions, and how COVID-19 has impacted digital transformation.

Take a deep dive into the apparent disconnect between insurers and the opportunity to deliver beyond mediocre for customers, between teams, and between the old and new in insurance. Explore the radical change that is required within the industry, and what the post-COVID digital insurer looks like.

Find out:

  • Why the Insurance Industry needs to stop settling for mediocre
  • Why it’s time to rethink the split between hard technology and business skills
  • How the industry can change the narrative between IT and product innovation
  • The capabilities of a digital insurer and the three stages of digital acceleration

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Author: Eleanor Hazelton