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insurethebox latest campaign looks towards gamification

insurethebox latest campaign looks towards gamification | Fintech Finance

In their latest customer campaign, insurethebox has re-thought ways they can guide customers to prepare for an accident and understand the most important steps to take if that happens. Traditional methods of communication have previously gained the insurer success, by reducing accident rates within its customer base – namely, 1060 accidents prevented since the inception of their Speed Reduction campaign

However, in the new customer campaign, insurethebox aims to speak to their core audience of ‘Generation Z’ in a manner that is more natural for them. The insurer created an online game where customers would take ‘Paul’ through his accident at a car park; with multiple choice questions the insurer guided customers through an interactive experience whilst educating about things like what details to capture at the accident scene and who to call.

The insurer reached thousands of customers with this key message, and nearly 500 of them have participated in the game so far.

Further, insurethebox used the concept of Where’s Wally to spot an accident scene (‘Where’s the accident’); customers were then directed to share their answers via social media. This led to dozens of 1-2-1 conversations between the insurethebox team and their customers on Facebook and Twitter, going through the most important steps in an accident: capturing third party details and calling your insurer.

Kajal Patel, UK Head of Marketing at insurethebox commented: “Our ethos surrounding customer experience is to diversify ourselves from the market; propelling a customer-first approach which carries across our entire business. However, like most car insurance providers we face unique challenges with claims; the average driver does not expect to have an accident, thus is unlikely to engage with standard content.”

“Young drivers especially might not think about the factors that support an insurance claim if they ever have an accident. Our goal is making that knowledge second nature to our customers, so they can then have a better experience with us and be compensated quicker for the damage to their health or vehicle.”

The gamification of the unexpected scenario of a car accident aims to guide the young insurethebox customers on when, where and how they should contact their insurer; protecting them against common pitfalls observed by the telematics provider.

Link to insurethebox interactive accident game: https://bit.ly/34thL3A


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