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Comperify chases a global dream of payment gateways

Uploaded ToComperify chases a global dream of payment gateways | Fintech Finance

Technology trends come and go, but eCommerce is here to stay. In 2019, sales from retail eCommerce amounted to US$ 3.53 trillion US dollars. The numbers keep climbing, and revenues are expected to grow to 6.54 trillion US dollars by 2022.

The growth figures are phenomenal. In 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide will buy goods and services online (Statista, 2020). More and more B2C and B2B merchants move online to a new business as usual or seek a reliable and cost-effective payment gateway to process online payments. Because of this, Comperify, an AI eCommerce solution provider, has introduced a smart fintech platform to help merchants worldwide select the payment gateway that perfectly meets their business needs.

Exclusive fintech platform for online merchants and payment gateways

The platform is truly unique, unlike any other solution in the industry. It provides an intelligent tool for merchants and payment gateway providers at any scale. With this bespoke platform, Comperify will make it easy for merchants from any place around the world to get connected to the most suitable payment gateway in real-time without reaching out to a consulting firm or spending hours researching providers.

Very often, online merchants lack knowledge and experience in finding the most suitable payment gateway. There are dozens of providers, services and pricing models that leave them confused. Comperify’s online platform will allow e-commerce merchants to skip complicated and time-consuming research and exchange of emails with many different payment gateway providers. It will offer a single point of entry that connects any merchant to Comperify partners and instantly aggregates offers according to specific parameters. This way, merchants can assess providers and their proposals and see how they can save money on payment gateways each month or annually. Additionally, the entire process is transparent. There are no hidden charges or surprises.

Comperify works with merchants of different size and risk categories from low to high. To receive an instant payment gateway offer, merchants only need to create an account and provide necessary information about their business.

Global reach with a powerful partner network

Currently, Comperify has teamed up with 30+ globally recognized, and PCI DSS certified payment gateway and other solution providers relevant to eCommerce platforms. These are some of the top-ranked companies in eCommerce, including VISA solution Authorize.net, 2ChekOut, PayU and SafeCharge. Our partners are also non-payment service providers like Shopify, Weebly, and Mozello etc. Because Comperify expands the partner network by establishing new partnerships daily, customers have more opportunities in the pipeline of setting up their online store.

The partner network covers 200+ countries worldwide and 150+ currencies. Besides, Comperify’s partners offer many different alternative payment methods, including payments using social media.

Experience combined with in-depth industry knowledge

Behind every great solution is a team. Comperify is no exception. The international team has more than ten years of experience in payments, fintech, and eCommerce. Co-founders, full-stack developers and local marketing and salespeople joined forces to release the new online platform that helps existing online merchants to reduce their fees, but for newbies – start their online store.

“This will likely be a game-changer for the industry. Comperify reimagines eCommerce experience for merchants and providers, introducing new ways of finding secure and reliable payment gateways tailored to the exact needs of each client,” concludes co-founders at Comperify.


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