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Teo Blidarus

Teo Blidarus
Co-Founder and CEO

Teo Blidarus

I feel both blessed and excited to be the CEO and CO-Founder of FintechOS, which I established together with Sergiu in 2017. I am responsible for spearheading and executing the global strategy for FintechOS and growing the company’s footprint across international markets, all by humbly serving our customers.

My passion also makes me a very dedicated and probably annoying to my team, Head Product Strategist – I love leading product strategy and ensure FintechOS harnesses and develops the latest technologies to deliver the best service to its clients.

With FintechOS, we are on a mission to challenge the traditional financial services architecture. We want to show banks and insurers that you can achieve customer-centricity and become as agile as fintechs or insurtechs – and you do not necessarily need to replace your old, legacy systems or build innovation labs or hire expensive implementation consultants.

I have been working in the financial technology industry for almost 25 years, and have led the roll-out of technology for banks and insurance companies worldwide. In fact, I was lucky enough to have founded and scaled several companies— three of which now serve Fortune 500 customers in 30 international markets, and have increasingly high valuations.