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Qasif Shahid

Qasif Shahid
Chief Executive Officer

Qasif Shahid

have close to 25 years of experience in working, consulting and partnering with banks in multiple geographies including East Africa, Singapore, UAE and Pakistan with a specific focus on building, launching and scaling digital and mobile-led banking products and services.

My work gave me the opportunity to work with and lead teams from multiple ethnic backgrounds which sometimes were spread over different geographies, time zones and almost always came with varied cultural sensitivities.

Launching projects and enacting business models meant we operated as a well oiled machine and that really over the years has come to become my main speciality, the key through which we have won repeatedly over the years!

Additionally, I offer a critical view on payments, lending and micro-credit and the growth potential offered by digitisation. I believe that the analog nature of all three touch points of micro finance business case in particular and retail banking in general has deprived it of its true potential which can be drastically altered through digitisation. This and much more is what we are trying to prove through building Finja. You can call it applied consulting if you like.

My specialisation also stretches into the management and the build-up of supporting delivery channels to these businesses such as ATMs/CDMs, Point-of Sale terminals, E-commerce, Call Centres, branch and service centre management and in forging cross-industry alliances and in developing winning partnerships with payment associations, technology solution providers, outsourcing entities and in working closely with the regulators across multiple countries.