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Prasad Yalamanchi

Prasad Yalamanchi
Lead Semantics

Prasad Yalamanchi

CEO of Lead Semantics

Lead Semantics develops and markets AI solutions targeting ‘Text and Knowledge’ in the enterprise using neural Language Models and Semantic Graph technology.

At the core, our TextDistil product suite is an ‘automated end to end pipeline’ that extracts knowledge from ‘text’ documents, creating RDF triples that conform to an Ontology. These triples can be directly loaded into standard RDF stores.

TextDistil includes intelligent document corpus management with semantic search and features a sophisticated text classification pipeline for predicting sentiment, theme, etc. on ‘short text documents’ such as tweets, product reviews, customer feedback, etc.

Lead Semantics also develops and sells ‘hiddime – a cloud based interactive AI Dashboard product’ that at display time ties in data residing in Relational databases, RDF Graph stores and live Machine Learning prediction pipelines to deliver an integrated decision support from within the web browser.

Lead Semantics is a US, Chapel Hill, North Carolina based AI solutions company