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Peter Kaju

Peter Kaju
CEO at Carta Worldwide (Mogo)

Peter Kaju

Technology-sector CEO/CFO with global markets expertise, leading high growth start-ups, private and public companies, through RTO, M&A, Strategic Sales/Exits and trading on the TSX Exchange.

Pivotal in securing startup capital and seed funding, completing 5 sales transactions with valuations exceeding $400 M.

Raised significant capital exceeding $200 M across 5 companies; creative financing relationships included Angel Investors, Banks, Government, Private Equity, Venture Capital.

Over 20 years of experience in technology businesses across software, services and digital communications including B2B and Enterprise.

Foundational years built upon Auditing, Consulting, Healthcare, and Telecommunications (Bell, KPMG, Roche, and Warner Lambert Pfizer).

Able to seamlessly shift from strategic planning to tactical execution, with a “roll-up-the-sleeves” approach to strategic analysis, decision making and “getting things done”.

A passionate operations and finance leader who builds and strengthens high performing, highly skilled teams that delivers on optimized cash flow, profitable growth and process improvements.