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Michael Cohen-Dumani

Michael Cohen-Dumani

Michael Cohen-Dumani

Highly Entrepreneurial Professional combining strategic thinking and critical bias for action with exceptional results in Global/ Regional and Local positions.

• Results-driven Business Leader recognized for a consistently solid track record of transformative results. Recently, led Oral-B to be the fastest P&G billion dollar brand in the past 3Y behind whitespace expansion, growing user base and share. Expert in creating and operationalizing business models for growth.

• Creative and Innovative Brand Builder committed to strengthen brand equities, challenging status quo, initiating trends and disrupting innovation on business models and products. Recently created and launched the first P&G connected product – Oral-B Smart Bluetooth connected toothbrush – most awarded Product Launch in P&G in 2015 and recipient of 15 Global prestigious awards.

• “End to End” Organization Integrator skilled in translating regional needs to win into scalable solution, speed to market from creation to launch and managing remote organization to execute with excellence.

Areas of Expertise
• Strategic Planning
• Category & Brand Portfolio Management
• Business Model creation and operationalization
• Whitespace expansion strategy
• TSR creation, P&L Management
• Global Team Leadership
• Inspirational Presenter, Interview Management
• Global Marketing Campaign
• Global Marketing Toolbox delivery
• E-commerce