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Marta Palmeiro

Marta Palmeiro
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Marta Palmeiro

➖ Building @studentfinance / Solving the skills gap through Income Share Agreements
➖ 10+ years in Capital Markets @Credit Suisse in London and Madrid
➖ Co-founder & board member @Portugal Fintech
➖ Angel Investor (early-stage tech startups, focus Fintech)
➖ Mother of 3 girls

It’s urgent to build more infrastructure for reskilling and supporting the millions of people that are losing their jobs through the COVID crisis back to work and rebuild the economy.

StudentFinance is a company at the intersection of educational technology and Fintech. We focus on solving the skills gap and generating equal access to education and reskilling through Income Share Agreements.
Income Share agreements are an income-based payment solution that removes the financial barrier in access to education while connecting education to employment.

We offer an end to end infrastructure to offer Income Share Agreements at scale, from financing to data models and predictive analytics that map job market demand, to income verification and payment infrastructure.

Remote team building a cross-border platform.

💬if you are an investor or a school interested in Income share Agreement space we would love to have a chat. Please reach out @ marta@studentfinance.com