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Marcel Van Oost

Marcel Van Oost

What do I want to become when I grow up? That’s a question I asked myself for a long time. My childhood dream, playing for Ajax, was soon out of the question (I wasn’t even close…). So what else?

After switching some studies I dropped out and started working at an Acquiring bank, where I took my first steps in the world of payments.
Within a few years, I thought it was time to take the next step in my career and I started my own Payments consultancy company. And a few years later I founded a Collecting Payment Service Provider, with an exit in 2017.

After some great adventures, with ups and downs, I see myself as an advisor, investor and connector in FinTech.

When I am not traveling for business I live and work from the great city of Amsterdam.

I help out several clients with all kinds of challenges with their companies in the Banking/FinTech space. Where I use my connections and experience to help out others facing challenges that I love to fix.

Do you need a fixer to connect the dots? Drop me a message or meet me over coffee at one of the many FinTech events I attend all over the world.

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