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Fintech Finance Presents: Swashbucklers 2020

swashbucklers | Fintech Finance

I love lists. It’s an excellent way to quickly zoom over a lot of information, but also to see often overlooked people/companies that you may not be aware of. It’s the time of year where there as lists a plenty but there are few things that tend to always stand out on lists – there are lists where you pay to join, lists with a really click-bait title, and lists with people you can’t really connect with (looking at you Mr. Musk… return my calls!)

So this year, being 2020 and all, we’ve decided to turn that on it’s head with Fintech Finance Presents: Swashbucklers

This is a collection of insights from individuals who you can actually connect with… who are brave… who have a thirst for adventure… who break the mould… who have passed Level 40 on Pokemon Go… who are Swashbucklers:


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