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So unless you have been Jared Leto’ing for the last few weeks, you’re probably working from home, signing up for a Zoom trial, and like me joining our friends at 11:FS team for daily 8am Yoga

Over the past few days, we’ve cleared out our office and how have the whole team working remotely, and I have now spoken to all of our freelancers and suppliers… which took a lot longer then I expected as there is a fair few!

Our Magazines are business as usual, in fact, our latest Insurtech magazine is now back from the printers. There may be a delay in the delivery of hard copies, but digital editions will be uninterrupted. Obviously it will not be available at events because most events are postponed.

What does this mean for our Video squad and our video offering, with our travel restricted? Well visiting people to do interviews/corporate videos has been halted in the Uk, Europe US and Canada, so that is off the table. With most big events postponed we will obviously not be there.

We do have in several countries, depending on locale advice, remote local teams who can catch various banks/tech companies on camera, as well as provide them with corporate video services.

We’re going to be doing a load of video content like this, plus we’ve been working on a  cool way to remove backgrounds… the first of these will be up next week so watch this space… it’s going to be pretty cool!

Our Online presence is business as usual. In fact, the number of sign-ups we’ve had has grown highly over this week. Please keep submitting any press releases/blogs/stories to news@fintech.finance

…unless it is a doom and gloom Covid19 story. The sheer amount of comments we’ve received of how this the end fo the world… yeah I’m just ignoring them, BUT for every 10 of these, we hear something cool, like the work that Bottomline is doing to facilitate request to pay payments from Government to citizens – using real-time rails for both sending money and for communications

We’re going to follow any sensible Government advice, and very very simply, not act like a dickhead. No one at FF so far as been directly affected by the Virus so far, and I hope to keep it that way… hence the social isolation/self-quarantine.

We’re going to adapt and adjust and be super flexible (again why we’re joined the 8am Yoga session) and come out on the other side a different but stronger company.

Lastly, to steal from Sam Maule who stole this from Jamie T

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