Fintech Finance Season 3 Episode 18: New Banks and Legacy

In this episode of Fintech Finance, we look at the core system behind a Bank. So often we only deal with the front end of a Bank that we forget the incredible systems working tirelessly behind the scenes.

Eugene Danilkis from Mambu details to Ali Paterson how using their cloud based system, banks can improve, not only their speed and security but also their room for improvement further down the line!

Lea Jakobiak catches up with N26, who utilise the Mambu platform, where Valentin Stalf discusses how the ‘Mobile Bank’ can use data to improve their security for banking on the go.

We also speak with New10, an exciting offshoot of ABN AMRO as well as another Mambu customer; on how they can utilise a cloud based system to provide loans in ‘real time.’

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