Fintech Finance Presents: The Retailtech Show 1.01 – Is the High Street Dead?

On our first episode of The Retailtech Show we ask the question, is the high street dead? And if so, how can it be resurrected? With omni-channel solutions, retailers now have an incredible amount of customer data, in-store and online. We find out how they’re using this data to provide a better customer experience and ensure future loyalty. We kick off with Angus Burrell from Valitor who details what the retailers need to and can do to remain relevant in the future. Gerhard Fourie over at Aston Martin shows how their unique position in the market as a luxury retailer enables them to react in different ways to the rest of the industry. Daniel Lee from the retail giant, Kingfisher, discusses how different customer trends are powering changes in the industry. 

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Author: Yash Hirani