Fintech Finance Presents: The Fintech Show 3.01 – Go MidWest For Fintech

In this episode of The Fintech Show, we have one of our location low downs! We constantly hear about how critical it is to be in London or New York to set up a fintech company however with rising real estate costs, how much innovation is being prevented just by the cost of living? JobsOhio, in the MidWest of the USA asked us to come and see what their State has done, to enable all fintechs and financial institutions to succeed and go on to become world players. We speak with Benjamin Clarke of Bold Penguin fame, Mike Watson from JPMorgan, Colum Lyons at ID-Pal, Robert Zwink, CEO of SafeChain and of course, Terry Gore from Jobs Ohio.

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Author: Yash Hirani