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Zafin was formed in 2002, long before fintech was a term much less a trend. Throughout Zafin’s journey of customer-centric innovation and growth, we’ve helped banks across the globe re-architect to separate product and pricing capabilities from core processors. This seemingly simple change enables banks to create and deliver innovative customer experiences, drive dynamic pricing strategies, and reward customers for the breadth, depth and value of their banking relationships. Banks on the Zafin platform innovate freely and serve fully—launching products, packages and offers in half the time while delivering innovative value propositions that recognize and reward customers for the full extent of their financial relationship, across deposit, credit, payment and investment products. By externalizing product, pricing and billing capabilities from core systems, Zafin’s platform centers customers, facilitates journey-based experiences, speeds time-to-market for new value propositions, accelerates digital transformation and enables Open Banking