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Building a simpler, smarter way for businesses and individuals to pay and GetPaid VibePay is a new payment and data platform built offering instant A2A payments to people and businesses helping them avoid traditional payment rails which come with high fees and delays. Ever since we started Vibe, we knew that payments should be a part of our story, that’s why we’re introducing VibePay. It should be easy to pay for something or someone from your bank. Let’s be honest, no one gets up in the morning and wants to make a payment, so we’re removing both the stress and the fees. ✌️ #GoodVibes We built Vibe Tickets, our fan to fan marketplace which fast became your place to buy and sell tickets. We watched and listened to you as we integrated a third party payments provider to make transactions within the app, and we get it. It’s a hassle, it shouldn’t be this hard, and you’re charged a fee to use their service. It was time to stop using a payment system that goes against what we stand for, and start building our own. VibePay is your revolutionary new service removing the nuisance of other dated methods and best of all, it’s free for consumers. At VibePay we do things differently, we listen, our products are shaped by our consumers, and we’re removing the barriers

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