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We believe in digital solutions for cash! We are the leading bank-independent payment infrastructure in Europe. With our innovative services, we offer digital payment solutions with cash and revolutionize traditional banking. At around 20,000 retail partner stores, we enable cash to be used to pay invoices or online shopping purchases, as well as to make deposits and withdrawals simply via barcode. Thereby we support companies such as E.ON, Congstar or DocMorris in reaching their cash-affine target groups. Digital banks such as N26, DKB, or bunq offer their customers the opportunity to make deposits with our service while expanding their cash infrastructure for withdrawals. Since our founding in 2011, we have grown continuously and are now internationally successful. Besides the German market we actively engage in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Spain. In the future we will advance our internationalization further. Behind a successful company there is always a strong team. Today, around 80 employees from more than 15 different countries with a diverse range of backgrounds, experience and skills work for us. Our office life in our Berlin headquarters is characterized by a relaxed & friendly atmosphere with a lot of fun. Since team cohesion is very important to us, we strengthen it through regular team activities (e.g. great team events, barbecues with family and friends, beach volleyball or FIFA tournaments) or cross-department lunches as well as other benefits and goodies.

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