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From the very beginning, co-founders Miguel Santos, Adrian Iglesias and German Pugliese Bassi had a vision of creating a transcendent company—one that could bring value to the market, value to the customers, help them excel at customer experience, help them be more competitive, help them differentiate from the competition and at the same time create value to end users, to stakeholders and to employees.

Today, Technisys has a presence in 16 countries, a top flight team of more than 800 digital banking experts worldwide and provides the Cyberbank digital banking and core platforms to over 50 customers, including Rellevate and Tab Bank in the US, Brightside ATB in Canada and the award-winning Banco Original in Brazil.

The company has grown dramatically in recent years, receiving a $50 million round of funding in 2019 from Riverwood Capital, a Silicon Valley VC, demonstrating support for the globalization of a disruptive and winning technology.

Technisys has been recognized as a leading digital banking platform provider by multiple analyst groups including Gartner, Forrester and Celent.

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