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Procensus is a regulated and secure digital platform for institutional investors to share and benchmark their opinions anonymously and in real time. Founded in 2015 and spun out of Autonomous Research, we are a unique source of unconflicted, unbiased market intelligence. We now have more than 5,500 portfolio managers, CIOs, and analysts from over 1,450 institutional fund managers (85% of the top 500 asset managers globally by AUM) using the Procensus Platform on a regular basis. Using polling technology, we help investors understand the market consensus on macro topics, key ESG issues, market transactions (M&A and IPOs), stocks and stock specific events. The Procensus algorithm analyses the polling data and produces Pro-Ratings and Pro-Signals which are a measure of investor sentiment towards stocks, and have proven alpha. Procensus works with Bernstein Research as its exclusive sell side partner, benefitting from the support and expertise of Bernstein’s global network of analysts across all major industry verticals.

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