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Previsico is a global flood forecasting company which spun out of Loughborough University in 2019. Our mission is to reduce the impact of flooding globally by delivering the absolute best flood forecasting technology to those who need it. Previsico’s cutting-edge FloodMap Live technology is underpinned by two decades of research at Loughborough University. This continuously forecasts up to 48 hours in advance; using hyperlocal weather forecasts and nowcasts in partnership with IBM’s Weather Company. Crucially these cover surface water flooding as well as small watercourses which are missed from existing tools. Every storm is different, hourly changes in weather patterns can cause floods which are not detected using traditional forecasting approaches. Previsico’s forecasts show the depth and time at which flood is predicted at a 25-metre resolution. These actionable forecasts enable people and organisations including the UK government to proactively mitigate flood impacts.

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