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Open Banking Expo

Open Banking Expo is live in Canada, Amsterdam and London. Open Banking Expo also publishes Open Banking Expo Magazine on a bi-monthly basis. Please email marketing@openbankingexpo.com for your complimentary copy of the publication. Open Banking Expo brings together a cross section of the globe’s brightest minds to put the second payment services directive (PSD2) and Open Finance under the spotlight and encourage financial services – and other industry sectors – to embrace the new legislation in order to drive product innovation and enhance customer experience. Since launch Open Banking Expo continues to move into unchartered waters beyond the usual conference format, Open Banking Expo offers delegates a behind closed doors opportunity to exchange ideas, fears, knowledge, insight and expertise across variety if media platforms. Each channels offers a fluid programme of keynotes, curated discussions, round tables and workshops that enable delegates to focus solely on the challenges they face in harnessing the opportunity Open Banking and more broadly, Open Finance presents in todays ecosystem. 2019 will see the Open Banking Expo deliver carefully curated content and provide access to an unparalleled platform for exchanging ideas and insight across its digital, social, print and face to face media channels. Please visit: www.openbankingexpo.com to find out more.

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