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OakNorth Bank

OakNorth is the creator of the ON Credit Intelligence Suite, the industry’s first ML-powered, data-driven technology that gives commercial lenders a forward looking, 360-degree view of their borrowers. These deep sector insights mean that Relationship, Portfolio, and Risk Managers can now truly engage with their clients, make better credit decisions, anticipate challenges and propose solutions — minimizing defaults, driving profitable growth and delivering industry-leading client satisfaction.

Welcome to Intelligent Credit. Lend Smarter. Lend Faster. Lend More. Built over five years by an engineering and credit science team of over 250 people, the ON Credit Intelligence Suite has propelled OakNorth Bank in the UK into the top 1% of banks in developed markets in terms of RORE and efficiency, enabling it to profitably manage a multi-billion-dollar commercial lending portfolio – benefits that banks across the world can now realize.