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In today’s complex financial world, ignorance isn’t bliss. For billions of people, it’s hardship, hassle and lost opportunity. But we believe change is possible. We believe that when people are in control of their money, they’re in control of their lives. And if we can help make their salaries, or wages, or payments go further, we can make sure that time spent working is time well spent – and that every human life counts for more. That is why our whole team is 100% committed to create brighter financial futures for millions of people. nudge combines financial education with personalised, timely, unbiased prompts to help your people plot a path to prosperity. By offering nudge, you can help your people maximise financial opportunities, overcome financial problems and make managing money stress free. Our financial wellbeing platform works in three ways: nudges: When there’s something you need to know, or a financial action you ought to take, we send you a personal, timely, nudge to remind you to do it. Step by step, before you know it, you’re on a path to prosperity. Education: Snackable content – personalised to your preferences – makes the idea of managing money compelling and interesting. Over time this engagement boosts your financial knowledge, skills and confidence. Tools: Money management is so much simpler when it’s structured. Our intelligent tools make tasks like budgeting or saving for goals easy, inspirational and rewarding. Just plug in your figures, and the technology does the rest. nudge also enables you to 1) Understand your people’s financial needs, 2) Cultivate a globally consistent experience, and 3) Grow maximum understanding and utilisation of employee benefits

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