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Monetary Authority of Singapore

MAS is at the forefront of Singapore’s rapidly growing financial industry, creating new policies and initiatives that address the ever-changing landscape. Work at MAS promises not only challenges worthy of your intellectual abilities, but also the personal satisfaction that comes from building one of Asia’s premier financial hubs. We invite you to take up the challenge and make a difference to Singapore’s economic and financial development! At MAS, we place a great emphasis on developing a vibrant and conducive work environment that motivates each and every employee to make a meaningful contribution to the organisation. Our people recognize the importance of upholding our values to achieve more together. We believe that it is essential that our people enjoy working here with one another. MAS’​ Functions – To act as the central bank of Singapore, including the conduct of monetary policy, the issuance of currency, the oversight of payment systems and serving as banker to and financial agent of the Government – To conduct integrated supervision of financial services and financial stability surveillance – To manage the official foreign reserves of Singapore – To develop Singapore as an international financial centre.

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