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Loyalize is a white label customer engagement platform for retailers and financial institutions that combines payment and loyalty into a single transaction. With no requirement for POS integration, Loyalize can be activated in minutes, providing businesses with rich insights on customer purchasing behaviours for more effective marketing. Combining speed, data accuracy and data transparency, our technology provides loyalty teams with a real-time, omnichannel view of customer transactions and purchasing behaviours, allowing them to create segmented, targeted offers and campaigns. Where required, Loyalize can incorporate basket-level SKU data via a simple POS plug-in. For in-store activity, Loyalize cuts transaction time at the checkout by eliminating the need to scan plastic loyalty cards or codes. As a result, businesses can reduce the cost of producing and managing these systems. Customers benefit from personalised, frictionless shopping experiences. By adding their payment card to a retailer’s existing loyalty programme, they automatically get rewarded for every purchase, online and in-store. With Loyalize, carrying plastic loyalty cards or downloading apps to collect loyalty points becomes a thing of the past.

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