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Keytrade Bank

Keytrade Bank is a leading Belgian direct bank that caters for the financially autonomous. Via an established platform and app its clientele enjoys a large offer of financial services. Originally a broker Keytrade Bank has rapidly expanded its existing product scope. The current product scope covers daily banking, trading and numerous investment opportunities. Recently wealth management (KEYPRIVATE) has been added to this range as well as online mortgages (KEYHOME). Today Keytrade Bank is part of the group Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, one of France’s largest banking groups. This group enjoys the highest ratings attributed in France ( A/A-1 S&P – Aa3/P-1 Moody’s). Just like Keytrade Bank Crédit Mutuel Arkéa has focussed on innovation and technology from the early beginning. Within this top-class group, Keytrade Bank keeps its full autonomy and its own philosophy for serving its clients, while having the resources necessary for establishing an ambitious growth path in direct banking.

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