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JCB International Co,

JCB, the only international credit card brand based in Asia JCB has been pursuing independent expansion since 1981 to make the JCB brand an international brand accepted across the globe. JCB is firmly committed to independence in its quest to make JCB the brand known worldwide for high-quality, products and services meeting the diverse needs of all our customers. Now the JCB brand is accepted in 190 countries and territories, about 20 subsidiaries and representative offices overseas, and alliances with more than 350 business partners worldwide. JCB’s remarkable success is based on a superior reputation for providing high-quality service as a travel and entertainment card. Our independent international expansion, begun with a great ambition, has established JCB’s firm position as a major global brand. Always taking the lead in performance and quality JCB has always been leading the competition as a pioneer in the Japanese credit card industry. Currently JCB has 60.97 million cardmembers and 12.80 million merchants representing a wide range of businesses. JCB annual transaction volume stand at 8,351 billion Japanese yen. Needless to say, this superlative performance is due solely to the strong support for the JCB brand from cardmembers, merchants and business partners. In addition to providing an alternative to cash, JCB is commited to satisfying various customer demand with high-quality added-value products and services.

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