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Guinness Asset Management

Guinness is independent and focused purely on investment management. Our in-house economic, industry and company research allows us to take an independent view and not be led by the market. Our size and specialist nature also means we have the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to any market movements. At heart Guinness Asset Management is a value (or growth at reasonable value) investor. We combine strategic sector-selection with a fundamental screening process to identify stock opportunities. None of our funds are benchmark-constrained, which means we can select stocks without the influence of index weightings. We believe investment managers should have a high conviction about the stocks in their portfolio. All our funds have a relatively high concentration. We have found this approach provides an excellent balance between the benefits of diversification and the risk of diluting investment returns. Guinness Asset Management is 100% owned by its directors and employees, which we believe helps to align our interests with those of our investors. We believe that the best returns for investors are achieved by: 1. Identifying the right asset classes and niche growth themes in which to invest 2. Selecting specialist funds that invest in those areas with conviction and discipline Guinness Asset Management provides actively managed portfolios in a selection of asset classes and specialist growth themes to assist investors in this aim

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