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Global Paytech Ventures

Global PayTech Ventures (GPTV) seeks to improve the way the world transfers value. To that end, we invest in ground-breaking PayTech solutions with massive market opportunity. GPTV was founded by Javier Perez and his sons Daniel and Kristofer. Our firm collectively represents decades of payment industry experience and offers young PayTech companies unrivaled insights, expertise and growth potential. With a lifelong career in the payments industry, including nearly two decades as CEO of Mastercard Europe, Javier Perez is a globally-recognized expert at developing innovative PayTech concepts and bringing them to market. Renowned in the payments industry, Javier is a sought-after speaker at exclusive PayTech industry events around the world and his industry insights are highly esteemed. In addition, Javier’s global network of industry contacts brings tremendous value to GPTV’s advisory clients — primarily young PayTech companies. While Javier’s vast ‘top-down’ expertise provides distinct value to PayTech companies, his sons, Kriffy and Daniel, round out GPTV’s offering by providing the technical ‘bottom-up’ expertise necessary to help PayTech companies create value at scale. Kristofer ‘Kriffy’ Perez leads the strategic advisory service at GPTV, while Daniel Perez is responsible for sourcing, on-boarding and harmonizing PayTech entrepreneurs with GPTV’s framework for global success. GPTV is the premier advisory partner and capital provider for exceptional PayTech entrepreneurs. What differentiates us is our unmatched PayTech expertise and our global network of industry contacts. We understand the most important trends influencing payments and how they are transacted all around the world. We understand country-specific complexities and regulatory considerations. In short, the PayTech space has unique dynamics and we know precisely how to navigate them to help you achieve success.