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We are a passionate team of designers, engineers, thought leaders and coffee drinkers on a mission to revolutionise the way people manage and spend their money. This ain’t our first rodeo! We’ve been working together for years creating, building and scaling technology and data driven companies. Just like our members, we are young, we love to travel, we have big nights out, we buy stuff we don’t necessarily need and we eat out, a lot. But, we still gotta pay the rent, buy groceries and pay the bills. We know first-hand that there is a real need for cashflow transparency and payment flexibility across paycycles. Hence, we created Fupay! A first-of-its-kind lifestyle management platform allowing young millennials to better understand and manage their cashflow needs. We combine modern money management with the ability to Buy Now Pay Later ALL lifestyle categories (including essential expenses such as groceries and household bills) and discover personalised savings and rewards. We are NOT a traditional credit provider or credit card, ‘cos our customers aren’t falling for that trap. We are certainly NOT a budgeting app, ‘cos let’s face it, that ain’t living! www.getfu.com.au

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