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FinSS Global

Fintech Solutions and Services (Global) Pty Ltd (FinSS Global) was established in Melbourne, Australia in 2019 as an organisation focused on Compliance, Debt & Risk Management, Banking Solutions, including Open Banking (CDR) Use Case Enablement, and Digital Transformation. Our target market is the small to medium Australian Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs), Lenders/Credit Providers and emerging Fintechs. We offer our own leading edge (digital) solutions and expertise, as well as solutions and capabilities from key like-minded Strategic Partners, to cost-effectively meet the needs of our target market.

Our Mission:
To be a Trusted Partner in our chosen market for the enablement of Compliance, Debt & Risk Management, Banking Solutions and Digital Transformation in a cost-effective and affordable manner.

Our Vision:
To be the affordable “go to” advisor and value-added solution provider in line with our defined Mission statement.

Our mantra is to help drive the future of Banking and Finance, where digital transformation, data compliance and interchange, systemisation, automation, traceability, customer communications and enablement, ethics, empathy and accountability are key, by:
1. Developing Trusted Partnerships with our Clients through advice, guidance, expertise, and,
2. The introduction of leading-edge solutions utilising modern technology such as Open Source frameworks, Cloud, Open API’s/Microservices, AI and Machine Learning.