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Welcome to ekko: the easiest way to turn the tide on climate change without doing anything different. We have combined smart banking, marketplace, and retail into one transformative app where every transaction drives a positive reaction. Here’s how it works: every time you use your ekko card you spread good vibes around the world. You just keep doing all things you usually do – shopping, buying coffee, paying bills with ekko and you’ll make a tangible difference on climate change. Every 5 transactions pays for one plastic bottle being collected before it enters our oceans. Every 50 transactions pays for a tree to be planted. It’s effortless. Feel good about doing good: watch your own forest and bottle count grow in our app. You can also see your own personalised carbon footprint from everything you’ve bought. ekko also gives you access to a curated list of sustainable partners, offering climate-friendly goods and services as part of the wider enviroconomy.

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