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Coutts is widely recognised as one of the leading private banks in the UK. Our progressive, long-term approach to wealth management is founded on experience gained through looking after clients and their money for over three centuries. We offer award-winning and innovative private banking solutions that enable our clients to engage with their wealth in the way that suits them. Regarded amongst our clients as a club, Coutts unique network includes some of the most successful and pioneering individuals across the UK and on an international scale. Renowned for our intelligent relationships with these clients, Coutts is the only private bank and wealth manager with clearly defined client groups aligned to their needs. Our advisers appreciate the nuances of our clients’ wealth and build lasting partnerships based on continuous dialogue to ensure a deep understanding of their evolving needs and objectives. Headquartered in London, Coutts regional presence comprises offices within some of the UK’s most exciting and vibrant centres and our award-winning digital capability ensures that our clients are continuously connected to their advisers, wherever they are. With a significant operation in the Channel Islands, Coutts is a leading choice for wealthy individuals and families in, or with an affinity to, the UK.

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