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Charged Particles

Charged Particles are Interest-bearing Non-Fungible Tokens (DeFi NFTs) that are minted with an underlying asset and accrue interest over time, giving the Token a “Charge”. The amount of interest earned from the token represents the “Charge” that the Particle has amassed. Particle Value = Intrinsic Value (underlying asset, ie. Dai) + Speculative Value (non-fungible rarity) + Interest Value (ie. Chai, rDai, cDai, aToken, yToken, and more!) Value Appreciation: Imagine a Babe Ruth rookie card stuffed with $1 and earning interest since 1916! Or a piece of digital-art holding $10 and constantly appreciating in value! Ownership: Charged Particles are Yours! They are standard, non-custodial NFTs, held in your wallet, and can be “discharged” at any time, collecting any accrued interest from the token. They can also be burned to reclaim the underlying asset + interest in full, destroying the token. And just like any other NFT, you may trade, transfer or sell your Charged Particles! You can even discharge the interest to a different address – a friend? a donation? You’re in Charge! Custom Token Mechanics: Charged Particles introduce unique token mechanics allowing Smart Contracts and/or Dapps to decide how to handle a specific token based on the level of “Charge” that token has. Imagine an NFT that represents a Sword – the power of that sword could be dependant on the amount of “Charge” the token has. Or perhaps certain items can only be used once they reach a certain level of charge. Discharging the particle resets the in-game token mechanics. Other possibilities include battling over the “charge” of a particle – the winner earns the interest from their competitor’s particles.