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Card Industry Professionals

Here at Card Industry Professionals we have numerous years of experience within the card payments arena. In our time in the industry, we have witnessed and contributed to the evolution of how customers pay. With Debit Card payments that have overtaken cash payments by 2017 (UK Finance – UK Payments Market Summary June 2019) it’s become vital to make sure you have the right payment solutions for your business. We have recognised and studied the change in the industry to become experts in our field, demanding the same level of knowledge and support from all of our sales professionals. Having witnessed the introduction of contactless payments, the emergence of Apple Pay and Google/Android Pay, and the ever-growing number of terminals and solutions available, we have a vested interest in the technologies available to keep our customers and ourselves at the forefront of the marketplace. By utilising our experience of this complex industry, Card Industry Professionals are best placed to provide businesses with reliable advice, simple solutions, and 7-day support, all at a tailor-made price bespoke to your individual needs.