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We’ve had decades of clever people building hundreds of clever financial systems. And now we’ve got a clever, but complicated, money world to navigate. Multiple banking apps, numerous online accounts, and constant transactions to keep track of. We’re lost in systems when all we want is to make the most of life. Bud is a thoughtful layer of financial control over the everyday. It makes the money part of life simpler. Bud is an early-stage business, but we’re growing fast. 2018 saw the team expand from 17 to 70 – and the pace is only picking up. Alongside this, we’ve won some notable awards, and work closely with global banks like HSBC to ensure our tech gets into the hands of millions of people. We’re a diverse group of people. With backgrounds ranging from data science to music production, more than 80% of our team come from outside the world of finance – providing us with a unique perspective as we help consumers feel more in control of their lives. For us, an interest in people comes first; finance follows. The apps and infrastructure we’re building are designed to place the power of personal data back into the hands of normal people.

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