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Apis Partners

Apis Partners is a private equity asset manager focused on Financial Services in Growth Markets. We are a team of former colleagues who’ve joined forces to form Apis Partners to leverage our extensive expertise and capitalize on the opportunity in growth markets financial services. Our operating network consists of over 20 financial services professionals, with on-the-ground presence in 5 countries, an extended network of 26 partner companies, and strategic support for investee companies, including active involvement at the board level in over 30 companies. Apis Partners is the manager of the Apis Growth Equity Fund. We have a close partnership with Anthemis Group, a digitally native financial services group that has a portfolio of 24 early stage technology-led financial services start-ups as well as offering a range of advisory services within financial services including corporate finance, strategy consulting, and talent and leadership. This relationship provides us with strategic market intelligence and direct access to a holistic set of execution capabilities

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