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Hello, we’re Anorak – the technology company setting a new standard for protection sales. Our world-leading protection sales software platform is built to enable any distributor to sell at scale. With Anorak, unlocking the potential of the protection market is anyone’s game. We’re enabling banks, lenders, insurers, brokers, advisers, and other digital disruptors to sell life insurance, income protection and critical illness cover more efficiently, at scale – with an easy-to-integrate software platform connecting their customers to personalised, regulated solutions. We’ve built a unique protection recommendation engine with infinite reach. This is what powers our technology, converting what’s usually a manual, offline, time-consuming process into an automated and scalable one – and transforming the experience on both sides: for the people selling protection and the people buying it. Anorak is a London-based team of tech geeks, life insurance specialists, data experts and design heavyweights redefining the way people protect their futures – and helping millions of unprotected people and families in the UK get covered. We’re backed by Kamet, an insurtech startup studio funded by AXA.

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