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Aion Digital

Aion’s mission is to enable traditional banks to go digital with certainty. We are on track to delight 10 million customers for our client banks in MEA. Aion offers two solutions. One, we provide the digital banking platform that is designed to offer banking services on the go. Two, we help clients leverage and monetise the data they have generated via the platform, and build personalised, active customer engagement as a result. The three primary products include Digital Onboarding, Retail Digital Bank and Corporate Digital Bank. Additional three products are AI for Retail Banking, Open Banking and Lifestyle Rewards. Aion is currently building five digital banks in GCC and has signed up 12 mandates across UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain. Early results are stunning. Banks are signing up more customers via Aion platform than all branches combined, with higher average deposit per customer, 70 per cent reduction on acquisition cost, and three times increase in cross sell. Aion is credited with creating a single banking market of 34 million GCC nationals – a true innovation and first for the region – through regulatory alignment and seamless customer journeys. Also cost to change to digital banking model is one tenth of the traditional approach. Banks’ shareholders can finally expect an ROI on digital investment! Aion Digital is a brand of Waqfe

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