The FF Team

Ali Paterson
Found & Editor in Chief
Ali founded Fintech Finance back in 2015 in his kitchen with Jordan, his brother in law., Ali has enjoyed sailing across the Atlantic and climbing to the summit of Kilimanjaro. His entrepreneurial spirit, experience in film production and passion for Fintech led him to pursue creation of a media company synonymous with the fast evolving industry itself.

Banks with: EVERYONE

Favorite City: Valletta
Douglas Mackenzie
Series Producer & Deputy Creative Editor
Doug travels the world and shoots banks, on-camera... His passions include getting the window seat on a plane, digital crate digging and supping on a cold beverage in the Sun. Born in east London and raised in west Kent he enjoys both the city and the country. After living in France where he ran a bar that unfortunately only managed to attract Brits he moved to China where he saw his first fintech flashes, he’s now settled back in 'The Big Smoke.' His fintech objectives are to make financial services equal and whatever makes paying a round of drinks easier.

Banks with: Monzo, RBS, Santander, Starling, Metro, Revolut

Favourite City: London
Chloe Butler
As an executive producer for The Fintech Show, Chloe builds relationships and knowledge of Fintechs from all over the world. Working closely with the video production team, she ensures the client message is delivered through our content clearly. Chloe embodies the international culture of Fintech Finance, clocking up plenty of miles attending conferences and visiting clients - keeping us on board with all the trends and gossip. Known as the planner of the team, Chloe is famed for her organisation in all things work and leisure. An after-work beer can on occasion be squeezed in, if you book in advance... It's fair to say that Chloe can be described as slightly gullible - having been convinced for many months that Worldpay's chairman, Ron Khalifa is Wiz's Dad! 

Banks with: Monzo

Favourite City: Amsterdam
Tom Dickinson
Is a producer at Fintech Finance, Tom works with clients building relationships to create the best episodes and get potatoes on the plate. Tom works hard to expand his knowledge of the Fintech industry when attending conferences, as well as being no stranger to the social element of the job (enjoying a beer) After a hard day at the office he often treats himself to a mouth watering battered sausage, accompanied by a pot of mushy peas. Tom has been known to quote Chul Matek, a student from Palau, when saying; 'You can make the worlds best pecan pie, but if you don't like Pecan Pie, it's still sh*t' You'll often find him in Hastings, in the south east of England or buoyant somewhere along the coast line.

Banks with: Monzo, RBS

Favourite City: Geneva
Jordan Drew
Head of Video Production
Jordan (the tattooed camera man with a top knot) heads up video production. This involves stitching a copious amount of footage together to create our finished videos. Jordan cut his teeth covering events here at Fintech Finance, and has moved on to deliver all video content, working directly with clients and Ali, whether it's The Payments Race, or an episode of The Fintech Show. Jordan is into CrossFit in a way that can only be described as BigTime, earning the title 'Jordy Turbo Flex', which he has 'reluctantly' accepted. If you're ever keen to learn more about Andre the Giant, ask Jordan - he knows his stuff... Jordan's husky, Kobi sits just behind him in the office, keeping the production team in line.

Banks with: Monzo

Favourite City: Vancouver
Lewis Averillo-Singh
Videographer & Editor
There's only one Lewis Averillo-Singh... literally and metaphorically. Lewis's rap career is on the back burner while he's on the video team at Fintech Finance. It's fair to say, with the amount of content Lewis has edited here, he probably has the knowledge to open a challenger bank. Lewis's favourite snack is a Bombay Bad Boy, which he strangely claims has medicinal properties. He's a man of leisure, with a team of chauffeurs to enable the fulfilment of his lifestyle without a driving licence. Lewis doesn't only spit fire in the booth - he's also known to take fire to the tooth - famously winning chilli eating contests in his youth.

Banks with: Monzo, McLEAR, HSBC, Commonwealth

Favourite City: Adelaide
Dom Beasley
Videographer & Editor
Dom is on the video team, getting to see the world through his fintech lens. His strengths include editing, camera and arm-wrestling. A little known, but widely enjoyed fact about Dom is that he is allergic to apple skins. Dom is a firm believer in a succulent Chinese meal, and can eat a Beef Chow Mein in 32 seconds, including opening the plastic container. Dom's draws his power from his leather jacket in the same way plants are able to gain energy from the sun.

Banks with: Monzo

Favourite City: Oakland
Laimis Bilys
Videographer & Editor
Laimis has a pet hedgehog called Kinder... that's something we can all get on board with... Apparently, Pugs and hedgehogs get on pretty well, who knew? Laimis is on the video team at Fintech Finance, which means he's an accomplished editor, cameraman and paranormal investigator. Laimis can hear the colour blue, but doesn't often speak about it. You can spot Laimis at an event from his Vans hat and dark wardrobe. He gets the job done with an agreeable calm thrown in absolutely free of charge.

Banks with: Monzo, Starling, Tandem and Barclays

Favourite City: Toronto
Sue Scott
Chris Swales
Art Director
Tracy Fletcher
Shaun Routledge
Commerical Director
Kimberley Paterson
Karen Estcourt
Junior Producer