Zego thanks the nation’s delivery workers in heart-warming tribute video

Insurtech firm Zego has shown its support for the nation’s delivery workers and the crucial job they’ve been doing during the Covid-19 crisis in a touching video titled #Behindthemask.

The short video follows three delivery drivers working around the clock to transport food and goods to vulnerable people, while at the same time juggling family lives. The workers’ identities are concealed by protective clothing – a sight we have come to know well in recent weeks – until the very end, when they reveal the real people behind the masks and talk of their pride at being essential workers.

In the video, we also hear about the sacrifices that come with the job, with van driver, Daniel, revealing that he had to move residency at the beginning of the crisis. We also hear from Michelle, who moved to London from Brazil four years ago and is balancing recently becoming a mother with life as a delivery worker.

She said: “I decided to work as a delivery driver because I had a baby 10 months ago and I needed a flexible job. The best part of my day is when a customer says: ‘thank you so much for doing this job at this time’ – it makes all the difference.”

The crucial role of delivery drivers was recognised quickly after UK lockdown was put in place, with the Government including them in its list of critical workers, alongside key public service employees, social carers and NHS staff. The importance of the delivery market was further emphasised by the Government’s announcement on 17th March that restaurants and pubs would be allowed to operate as takeaway services.

Commenting on the video, Sten Saar, CEO and co-founder of Zego, said: “Delivery workers have put in a heroic effort over the last two months and they deserve our recognition and gratitude. When your door knocks and a parcel or your food is waiting outside, it’s easy to forget the work and in some cases, the sacrifice, involved in getting it there. Hopefully, with this tribute video, we can help people to see and appreciate the real people behind the masks.”

Specialising in flexible insurance, Zego currently insures a large portion of the UK’s delivery and ride-hailing workforce, partnering with the likes of Deliver and Uber, and for the last six weeks, it has been offering customers impacted by Covid-19 up to 14 days’ worth of free cover.

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Author: Laimis Bilys