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WiseAlpha Makes Green Bonds Available to Trade Online

WiseAlpha Makes Green Bonds Available to Trade Online | FinTech Finance

In an investment first, the UK’s leading digital bond market WiseAlpha has made green bonds in AMP Clean Energy and Canary Wharf Group available via its self-service platform, driving new opportunities for investment in a thriving area of debt issuance. The decision to list green bonds comes as investment appetite for environmentally-conscious products soars amid growing global demand for capital to fund urgent environmental projects.

WiseAlpha builds on the company’s mission to drive digital innovation in the Corporate Bond market, providing investors with the opportunity to manage their online investment portfolio. This illustrates WiseAlpha’s commitment to deepening the reach of the green bond market and the promotion of environmentally responsible finance.

AMP Clean Energy, a low-carbon distributed energy and energy services business, plays a key role in working to ensure the UK meets its net zero ambition, in order to become energy efficient. The company sought out investors as a stable source of capital in order to further their mission to help businesses harness the potential of decentralised, low carbon energy.

Meanwhile, green assets in the Canary Wharf Group have been developed in order to promote the UK’s transition to low-carbon and climate resilient growth. With projects such as green buildings and clean transportation, investing in CWG further promotes ESG principles.

Rezaah Ahmad, CEO, and Founder of WiseAlpha, says, “Making green bonds available to our private investors is a perfect example of our digital progression initiative. We have already harnessed the power of fintech to provide unprecedented access to corporate bonds, via Fractional Bonds, so the natural next step was to enable those investors to be able to make sustainable investment choices with their money. ESG commitments are hugely important, to both WiseAlpha, and our investors; availability of green bonds has been largely driven by the requirements of individual investors. From the Bond Academy to our digital platform, we want our investors to feel empowered every step of the way through bespoke digital solutions.”


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