Wecan Tokenize and Metaco announce new partnership

METACO and Wecan Tokenize are pleased to announce a partnership aiming at strengthening the value proposition for financial actors entering the tokenized economy. The partnership aims to deliver an end to end turnkey service for tokenization from the issuance of digital assets to distribution, to storage with integrated access to secondary market trading.

METACO’s strong partnership and integration with core banking infrastructure providers enables banks a turnkey and scalable solution for managing digital assets and through this new partnership we hope to extend this to tokenization. The combination of METACO’s globally trusted SILO digital asset operating system with that of Wecan Tokenize will enable our partners and clients to more deeply integrate tokenization into their core processes and facilitate an end to end solution for digital asset management.

Wecan Tokenize was born a bit less than one year ago with the aim to use the power of blockchain to tokenize real estate and financial assets. The company relies on the combination of complementary areas of expertise to accelerate the transformation of the sector and delivers on the promises that blockchain offers to investors. Their ambition? Increase the liquidity of financial and real estate assets by facilitating and securing transactions while injecting a new dynamic into investments. METACO (Lausanne, Switzerland) provides best-in-class technology to propel traditional finance into a new era of tokenized finance. METACO is the leading global provider of security-critical infrastructure enabling financial institutions to enter the digital asset ecosystem. They are trusted by the top financial institutions to offer robust, scalable, and integrated solutions. METACO’s flagship product, SILO, offers a complete technology stack for the management of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

SILO enables the comprehensive management of digital assets including thousands of cryptocurrencies, tokens and smart contracts with custom risk management ensuring the best-fit balance for asset security and liquidity.

Metaco’s CEO and Founder, Adrien Treccani said: “We are excited to partner with the Wecan Group. The Wecan Group have been the leading innovators in their field by delivering much needed industry wide blockchain solutions to the banking and finance community as well as spearheading broader education initiatives. We see a set of shared corporate values focused on trust, innovation and client needs as an exceptional foundation for our partnership and are excited by the future opportunities for collaboration. Wecan Tokenize addresses an institutional market need for a scalable, secure and compliant platform for tokenization and we see strong synergies with the secure governance and token management that SILO can deliver to their tokenization processes.”

An innovative platform to digitize your assets with a unique end-to-end service, Wecan Tokenize (Suisse) SA and its affiliated Luxembourg vehicle developed a unique solution to digitize investments. Through an end-to-end secure, digital and compliant platform, investors have access to quality residential or institutional private investments like commercial real estate (or investment funds), at lower minimums. By using distributed ledger technologies, it offers peer to peer exchanges opportunities for a faster settlement and reduction of transaction costs.

“With digitization of construction, low interest rates and changing lifestyles, the real estate sector has entered a new era. And, with our expert partners, Capelli and Geneva Management Group, we are going even further in our desire to offer a new form of financing and investment based on proven technologies, with which Wecan has been working since 2015,” says Dominique Goy, Partner at Wecan Tokenize.

“This new financial model offers the best of both worlds: the liquidity of freely traded shares and the regularity of returns. All in a context of consistently low interest rates. In this sense, Wecan Tokenize makes it possible to reinvent investment in assets deemed illiquid and we intend to position ourselves and then remain at the forefront of this market,” says Sébastien Flak, Partner at Wecan Tokenize.

The platform has developed a unique end to end solution providing all services needed for tokenization which makes it stand out from other tokenization providers: corporate structuring, regulation, legal & tax services, KYC compliance, tech, audit, custodian & storages services, banking services, marketing and distribution are all included in Wecan Tokenize offer. Listing and secondary market will be available soon. Wecan Tokenize bridges the gap between traditional finance and the new complex world of digital assets.

Christophe Capelli, Chairman and CEO of the Capelli Group and director of Wecan Tokenise, concludes: “Blockchain technologies have many benefits in the real estate sector and the potential is immense. Capelli Group is a player known for its ability to innovate and it is with great enthusiasm that we have embarked on this project alongside seasoned professionals. Many traditional assets are likely to be tokenized. This breakthrough innovation will give a new impetus to the sector and Wecan Tokenize is positioned to play a central role in this transformation.”

Within a team of 16 experienced and dynamic people, Wecan Tokenize has successfully tokenized three real estate projects since the launch of the platform in October 2019. Projects have been successfully financed in an average of 7 days. In addition, the source code of the smart contract used to execute the transactions was analyzed and reviewed by PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (PwC). A few days after the launching of the platform in October, Wecan Tokenize announced its first successful transaction for € 11 million. The amount was issued in digital tokens on the platform for the financing of two buildings located in the heart of Lisbon (Portugal) promoted by Geneva Management Group.

“The quality of the tokenized assets is part of the great achievement of this transaction, which enabled us to complete this first financing round very quickly, raising €11 million from qualified investors, mainly in Europe” explains Dominique Goy, Managing Partner of Wecan Tokenize.

In december the Capelli real estate group, with more than 40 years of experience and recognized for its ability to innovate, has carried out its first tokenization operation to finance part of the property development of the Domaine d’Hestia in Saint-André-Lez-Lille in France, designed by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, for €3.1 million. The transaction was financed in less than a week by a dozen investors who were attracted by this new investment experience, combined with the guarantee provided by a group in perpetual growth.

“We are delighted to have contributed to this great project. By relying on renowned players such as the Capelli Group, Wecan Tokenize is proving its ability to position itself as a pioneer in asset tokenization and to democratize this technological breakthrough with confidence thanks to a 100% digital platform that secures exchanges,” says Sébastien Flak, Managing Partner of Wecan Tokenize.

Author: Lewis Averillo-Singh