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Vantage FX Targets UK for Strategic Growth

Vantage FX Targets UK for Strategic Growth | Fintech Finance

Vantage FX, the multi-asset trading platform for retail and professional traders, today announces a series of significant upgrades to its UK services, a pinnacle moment in the group’s long-term strategic push into the UK.  

Following a period of extensive market research to find out what UK traders’ value, Vantage FX has introduced several new features and services encompassing diverse products, easy access, and a smooth user experience, all provided at a market-leading cost.  

The modern trader expects mobile access, with around 90% now trading on mobile. Seeing this demand, Vantage FX has launched a UK specific app that allows users to trade anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, traders are also increasingly keen to have a one-stop-shop where they can trade a wide range of assets. As such, Vantage FX has introduced more of the most popular UK trading instruments, such as spread betting and UK and European shares for all traders, as well as cryptocurrencies for the professional market.   

Additionally, one of Vantage FX’s main ambitions is to provide an outstanding client experience, a critical factor for traders at all levels. To enhance the user experience, Vantage FX integrated cutting edge technology, such a QR code depositing system. This provides a very simple way for users to deposit new funds in seconds and is a unique feature in the UK’s trading landscape and a technology Vantage FX has mastered in its thriving business where QR codes are already widely used.  

Recognising that traders will inevitably need support and guidance at times, Vantage FX has put into a vast amount of resource to develop its well-established Account Manager System to ensure an efficient and seamless trading experience for its clients. Each client is assigned a consistent point of contact who has a record of everything the client does on the platform. This means, when a client calls, their account manager can pull up their information and easily troubleshoot any technical challenges or answer any questions.  

David Shayer, UK CEO of Vantage FX, says: “This marks a new chapter for the UK business. We’ve been building up to revitalising our UK service and these first updates will help make the traders life as straightforward as possible. But this is just the beginning. In the coming months, my role will be to roll out our vision piece by piece, ensuring everything runs smoothly. We want to be the go-to broker in the UK and a valuable source that can educate traders, whether amateur or veteran. The ongoing expansion of these services means we’re on a big recruitment drive and have recently bolstered our sales and marketing departments. I’m extremely excited to see what we achieve in the months to come.”  

Shayer added: “Building our reputation and client base in the UK is central to the company’s long-term vision. It’s one of the biggest trading markets in the world and a thriving UK business acts as a launchpad to the other regions we have in our crosshairs. We’re putting these resources into the UK at a time when some brokers are leaving the market and moving operations offshore or seeking EU licences. This is because we’re extremely optimistic about the UK’s trading landscape and we believe we’re uniquely positioned to capitalise on the opportunity by applying the strategy that has been effective in building our Australian business.”


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