Truata announces Global Top 100 Data Visionaries in industry first list

Global leaders who have driven innovation through data while protecting and embracing consumer privacy and trust, have today been recognised in Truata’s industry first Global Top 100 Data Visionaries List.

As challenges and concerns around consumer trust and privacy intensify, keeping data safe while unlocking its potential is taking on an increased importance. The Global Top 100 Data Visionaries list acknowledges individuals that have showcased a privacy by design approach to use data to deliver value, lead innovation and transform their organisations.

Produced in partnership with, the list was generated by a nomination process that ran from March 2020, and culminated in an expert judging panel curating this industry first initiative. The panel consists of Bernard Marr, business and technology author and futurist, Katia Walsh, Chief Strategy and AI Officer, Levi Strauss, Roberto Maranca, Data Excellence VP, Schneider Electric, Caroline Carruthers, former CDO, Network Rail and Author of The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook, and Mark Chillingworth, Senior Content Editor, FT Live.

“There is an ongoing conversation surrounding the volume of data produced in today’s digital economy” said Bernard Marr. “The Global Top 100 Data Visionaries initiative is a well-timed programme to bring together the best in the industry that are leading the ethical, technological and business best practices of data management.”

Some examples of the criteria that the judging panel brought into consideration included:

  • Recognised data leadership within their organisation, industry or region, enabling digital disruption through innovative uses of data
  • Effectiveness in driving the data agenda using influence, analytics, science or governance
  • Innovate with privacy-enhanced analytics, showcasing that advancements in data can also be synonymous with trust and transparency

“We are delighted to announce the Global Top 100 Data Visionaries List as it is an explicit acknowledgment of the individuals helping organisations to realise the value of data,” comments Felix Marx, CEO, Truata. “Delivering data driven transformation in today’s digital world requires exceptional people who can live up to exacting standards. The future belongs to organisations that operate with integrity and find a way to unlock the potential of their data without compromising privacy. I would like to warmly congratulate all of those honoured on this year’s list.”

Inclusion in the Global Top 100 Data Visionaries List is a true recognition of the individuals that are leading and championing change, not just within their organisation but as part of the wider data industry. The list celebrates diversity, with 58 males and 42 females making up this year’s Global Top 100.

Caroline Carruthers, former CDO, Network Rail and Author of The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook comments: “I really am so pleased to be part of this initiative because it puts a human face on data and what data leaders do, and it highlights the breadth of what is happen in this exciting, diverse space.”

Over the coming weeks, the launch of this list will be followed by an editorial series featuring interviews with a select group of those included in the Global Top 100. To view the Global Top 100 Data Visionaries List in its entirety, please find the list here:

Author: Eleanor Hazelton