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Trading Record at Nordnet – Over Half a Million Trades in One Day

On Wednesday, January 27, Nordnet set a new trading record. For the first time, private savers made more than 500,000 transactions in one single day.

“Many factors led to the high activity. First of all, there is a high level of interest in savings and investments at the moment, as a result of a positive stock market and the remarkable recovery after the corona crash in March last year. We also have the reporting season, and thus a constant news flow on the company side. On top of that, we have the spectacular battle between private savers and hedge funds in companies such as Gamestop, AMC, and Nokia, says Johan Tidestad, Chief Communications Officer at Nordnet.

The new record for a single trading day amounts to 552,528 transactions. The previous record was 441,983 trades, set on November 9, 2020.


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