Tinkoff scores highest on customer loyalty among Russian banks, leading banking market survey shows

Tinkoff has become the leader among Russian banks in terms of customer loyalty as evidenced by a banking market survey conducted by Romir, Russia’s largest private holding that specializes on marketing, media and socio-economic research and represents Gallup International in the country.

Bank customer satisfaction was assessed using the NPS (Net Promoter Score) methodology. NPS is a metric related to the customer’s willingness to recommend a company to their friends or relatives as well to the customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With an NPS of 26% and the share of loyal customers reaching 50%, Tinkoff has become the absolute leader among Russian banks – three times higher than the nearest runner-up. 50% of Tinkoff’s customers are “promoters” (loyal customers) with only 24% of “detractors” (people who give negative feedback on the company). High income Russians aged 25 to 34 are the ones most willing to recommend Tinkoff.

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Author: Lauren Towner