Fintech Finance presents – The Fintech Show 1.12: The B-Hive Deep Dive

In this episode of the Fintech Show, we’re giving b-hive the deep dive.

Their fintech ecosystem launched in 2015, and has since established itself as a powerhouse of innovation, opening hubs across the globe and striving to connect the dots between corporate partners and startups. In this special episode, we drop in on each of these hubs, and also take a look at the first annual Digital Finance Europe event, a collaboration between B-Hive and The European Banking Federation.

We talked business with CEO Wim De Waele and UK Business Manager Thomas Depuydt. London is renowned for its diversity, and B-Hive’s hub is no different. We spoke with several of their clients about the benefits of the B-Hive ecosystem.

Meanwhile in New York, I met with US General Manager Charlotte Gréant, to talk about why companies like B-Hive are so sorely needed in this day and age. We had the chance to talk to these businesses firsthand, so I spoke to several companies about their integration with B-Hive US.

Over in Israel, Doug Mackenzie visited B-Hive’s team in Tel Aviv to find out about their success in the Eastern market, and their coining of the phrase “tech for fin”.

Thank you for joining us for another edition of the Fintech Show!

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Author: Yash Hirani