The Armchair Trader Launches Recovery Market Stock Picking Competition To Support The NHS

Today sees the launch of a stock picking competition from The Armchair Trader for investors who are following recovery trends within the global equities markets. Sponsored by AvaTrade, our competition has a total jackpot of more than £5000 in prize gifts. It is also designed to raise money for the NHS as it battles to save the lives of victims of COVID-19.

The team at The Armchair Trader have selected a list of 34 recovery stocks, including eight which we think will be the best performers in the list. The stocks come from different countries and different sectors. They represent a good spread of companies that could either perform well during a global economic recovery or which we think have been oversold since the start of the year.

Eight of these stocks have been chosen because they represent potent engines for growth in recovery environment. The competition functions a little like fantasy football, although while the football season has been cancelled, the markets remain open.

Competitors are also being asked to donate to the UK National Health Service as part of their entry. As global stocks start to gain in value again, personnel in healthcare institutions all over the world are still on the front line trying to save the victims of COVID-19.

There are multiple prizes for the following 3 categories:

  • King of the 34: Identify the best performing stock over the period 5 May to 7 July
  • Match the Armchair Eight: Get closest to The Armchair Trader’s eight picks (or closest to them)
  • Most Popular: Pick the stock that will be the most commonly chosen

Entries to the competition must be submitted by 5 May. The performance of the selections will be monitored over the period 5 May to the competition’s close on 7 July.

Michael Morton, Publisher of The Armchair Trader, commented: “The coronavirus has been a truly terrible crisis for people all over the world. We want to show our support for the UK’s National Health Service, the thousands of brave people working in hospitals across the UK who are risking their lives every day as they try to save lives, while also encouraging investors to think about what will happen next in their portfolios.”

The Armchair Trader was founded in 2011 to provide research and analysis on trading and financial markets for a global audience of sophisticated investors. Its core team consists of former journalists, analysts and wealth managers.

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Author: Laimis Bilys

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